sábado, 22 de mayo de 2010

To take pictures.

I don’t like technology very much, I mean … I’m on favor of the technology as a way to develop innovation and creation but in our society the technology has transformed in a vital necessity of the man. However today I’m going to write about my favorite piece of technology and this is (I think) my digital camera.

I bought this camera on February 2009, with some money that I earn during the summer and immediately I started to take a lot of pictures, I remembered that a few days later, I went to the south for holidays so I can take a lot of nice pictures of the south. I like this camera because has a lot of manual and automatic programs to take pictures, so I can learn more of photography and also keep good captures of places or moments.

When I go out and I don’t take with me my cam, there’s always a moment during the day when I think that I would like had bring it because there’s always little places of the city that deserves be captured.

In the summer I was in Buenos Aires, so my camera was with me the hall trip and was very interesting try the manuals programs to photograph this beautiful city. After I started my classes (when I have more time than now) I used my camera with frequently but now I don’t have much time to go out and take pictures.

*This is one of my first pictures that I take in the south with the camera.